Shoreline Property Management

Muskegon is home of miles and miles of shoreline properties, many of which have been developed for individual homes. Traditional development ideas, such as the removal of trees and shrubs to provide open lake views, the proliferation of turf grass lawns down to the water’s edge, the removal of shoreline and aquatic vegetation, and bringing in sand to create swimming areas are creating increasing problems for Michigan lakes. 

Often times this over-development of shorelines can’t support the fish, wildlife, and clean water that are so appealing to the people attracted to the water’s edge.

Shoreline Maintenance

Creating a buffer of vegetation between your lawn and the lake, revising lawn care practices, and learning about other potential issues such as septic waste and invasive species can help restore your shoreline to a more natural state, enhancing wildlife habitat and preventing erosion and runoff.

Reduce Goose Invasions

Traditional lawns down to the water’s edge attracts geese, which are grazers. In one week, an adult goose can produce 15 pounds of slippery, smelly droppings. Landscaping your property with native plants along the shoreline is the most effective long-term method of reducing goose invasions.

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Click to explore .pdf article on Muskegons work towards a soft shoreline

Click to explore .pdf article on Muskegons work towards a soft shoreline

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