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White River

White River Image
Both The Muskegon and White Rivers provide our county with ecosystem services,as well as recreational and commercial opportunities!

Muskegon River

Muskegon River Image

lakes of muskegon countyMuskegon is a coastal county comprised of 2 major rivers that flow into White Lake and Muskegon Lake. These Major river systems, do a huge service to North Central and West Michigan by providing water drainage services. Along major water systems it is common to find wetlands, the kidneys of the water system, which provide many ecosystem services. Muskegon County is also home to 16 lakes, which are all included in the list to the right. With clean water being such an asset to this state and to our country the health of our water systems is very crucial.  Scroll and click on images above will help you to explore some of the threats to our water resources. The more you know, the more you can help the clean water movement!