Boat & Auto Care

Car and boat care

Taking action and participating in Best Management Practices can be as easy as being conscious in how you are cleaning your automobiles or watercraft. When cleaning boats and cars, simply being thoughtful in your choice of cleaners can aid in preserving water quality. These cleaners wash off the vehicle, down the impermeable surface such as a drive way, eventually finding their way into storm water drains, or into water systems. Using the better alternative products such as; non-toxic or phosphate free cleaners, apple cider vinegar, or baking soda opposed to bleach or petroleum distillates, is ultimately  one of the leading efforts you can make as a property manager conscious of water quality.

It is very important to state that the cleaning of you watercraft is so important in the fight of eliminating the spread of invasive water species (please view Lake & Stream Health tab -> Invasive Species). By inspecting, draining, power washing, and disposing of watercraft hitchhikers, you are practicing best management practices. Taking steps to keep the water systems in their natural state is one of the strongest efforts you can make to protect the water systems you are using for boating and other recreational activities.

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